Jozi Book Fair – 26 to 27 September!


The Jozi Book Fair is having its sixth annual exhibitions at the Central Johannesburg College (Ellis Park Campus) from tomorrow the 26th to the 27th of September with a line-up consisting out of book launches, talks by authors, seminars and a lot more from special guest Zakes Mda, internationally acclaimed author.

TML Books will also be there with Tiaan Lubbe’s debut novel, To the Stars. Plus they’re throwing a party on the 27th to celebrate its release. Please come by and if you would like to attend the party contact TML Books at

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See you all there!

To the Stars Blog Tour – Day 1

Yesterday went great! In fact it went amazing and I can’t believe 2 years of work actually finally amounted to this. I can only hope and pray for the further success of my debut novel and hopefully you enjoy reading it. I’ll put some photos of the launch up soon!


Today is the first day of the To the Stars BLOG TOUR and we’re starting at Majanka Verstraete’s wonderful blog, I Heart Reading. So go visit it and see what we’re up to!

Here’s the rest of the tour running for two weeks:

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October 7th: Guest Post @ Editor Charlene’s Blog

October 8th: Book Review, Promo and Author Interview @ For the Love of Books

Be sure to tune in everyday and not to miss this.

And Remember, you can get To the Stars at all your leading online stores. Links will be up soon. Write to me on GoodReads and on my Amazon Author Page. Let your voice be heard…

Ad Astra Imus.

It’s 23rd September! Release day! And we have a PARTY…

Tiaan Lubbe - Poster

Happy 23rd of September! A special day in history or at least this year. Today we welcome into the world of literature a book called To the Stars and hopefully it’ll feel right at home. So look out for it and let it take you along on a journey. I’m excited to hear from everyone so don’t forget to go visit my GoodReads page or Amazon Author Page to leave a review.


Go visit all of these blogs today to see what they are doing to join the party…

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And from Tomorrow on, and going for two weeks, there will be a BLOG TOUR with interviews, reviews, guest posts, excerpts and lots more. So keep your eyes here for all the details or go to

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Ad Astra Imus (Soon you’ll all know what this is…)


Tomorrow, Tomorrow!

It’s only a day away…(Get the reference?)

Anyway, Yes! Tomorrow is the world release date for my debut novel and I am more than excited. Once I reach Shakespeare status I’ll be making up a new word fro how I feel right now.

My whole life so far has led up to this week. It’s seeing one of my biggest dreams being realised and I am proud to say that I have stuck to my motto in life- To make my biggest dreams look small…

I can’t wait to see what the next few years hold and I can’t even think about the years after that because that feeling will need a new word too. Thank you all for the support!

Tomorrow you’ll know where to get To the Stars. In the meantime, go check out my GoodReads page.1409683124753

Keep watching this space.

As always,



Finally! It’s the day! Here it is, ladies and gentlemen of the world. The cover of To the Stars



One boy. One girl. One world about to end.

When  the world finds out its inevitable end will come in sixty years, it seems like all hope is lost. Until a man steps from the darkness. He offers salvation, but demands total control. The world accepts.

Sixty years later, the old saviour’s son is leader and watches over the last proceedings of his father’s plans – Seven Ark ships called the Astrum Portas.

Noah is the next leader. He doesn’t want to be.

Zara is the girl he’s in love with. She doesn’t know it.

Three lives become complicatedly intertwined when a bomb on the Astrum Porta unexpectedly throws them into a whirlwind of secrets, forbidden love and violent clashes all while the looming apocalypse approaches rapidly.

The final adventure awaits…

So tell us what you think! Comment, Share with your friends…

And remember, one of you can win tickets to the book launch or a signed copy of To the Stars!

Take it away…

Ad Astra Imus!