Baby Shoes: a flash fiction anthology!

It is no secret or debatable idea that the literary industry is changing, now even more than ever can be said. We are moving into an age where readers are evolving and craving new experiences. Flash fiction is personally, as a reader and a writer, one of my favorite solutions that this change has brought out. Very short, sometimes not longer than a sentence, tales that when it’s done right can encompass the richness of a full length novel.

One of the best examples of this is a piece of flash fiction, exactly six words long, by Hemingway. He writes, ‘For sale: Baby Shoes. Never worn.’
Just in those six words Hemingway has managed to create a story so rich that you can get lost in it, wonder through its subtext for eternity.

This is what Jason Brick, author and entrepreneur, is looking to celebrate in a collection of the best flash fiction pieces from talented authors and writers around the world. And I am so privileged and excited to say that I too have been asked to add to this collection.

I think that this is an amazing project! And it needs your help. Yes, you, the hopefully passionate reader and new-age consumer reading this. We need your help. This project will go live in January on Kickstarter where it has already gathered an impressive amount of support over December. But it still needs a final jolt of support if this is going to see the light. And you don’t get nothing for what you put in too.

This is an exciting endeavor and I hope you share in our excitement!

I’ll post some more detail and links closer to the time a well as a press release for your reading enjoyment. You can go to the Kickstarter page of the project too. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, go click on the “Where to get it…” tab on this website to browse through some of the numerous places where you can get To the Stars for a great holiday read!

Ad Astra Imus and Merry Christmas!
Tiaan L.