About Us and Other Stories: An anthology of student writings.


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Telling stories: In my view, this is what makes us human. From the bad gossip we told each other in school, to the things we tell our moms. From the stories our ancestors told around campfires, to the ones we tell each other around the braai now. Telling stories is what make us human. It’s how we define ourselves, how we place ourselves in this world we try to call home, how we navigate through it, how we make friends, how we find love. Without stories, what are we?

Because of this, this anthology can’t be of more importance. Less so to the people who read it, or were forced to buy it by the very persistent teenagers that has filled these pages with their words. (Good job on the selling guys!).

The importance of this anthology lies in the fact that it got a couple of teenagers to tell their stories, and even got a few people to listen.

This is not about how good these stories are, though they are magnificent in my eyes, it is about the fact that the writers got a chance to practice, fail and succeed, but above all to actually, physically tell their stories.

It was Phillip Pullman who said: “After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.”

Stories are how we keep ourselves alive as a species. They are what we leave those who are still to come. Love and lessons and heartache and sadness and success and failure and life wrapped up in letters.

So please support the writing talent of the future.

All proceeds go to the development of the participating writers.








BABY SHOES: An anthology is live and available!

Baby Shoes Anthology

“100 Stories. 100 Authors. Under 1,000 words. No holds barred.

What began as a worldwide call for authors became a collection of short, gripping stories from every genre you can imagine. Spend a minute each with one hundred minds, with literary slices from noir detective, to holiday heartwarmer to serial killer thrill, flight of fantasy or erotica.

One of the first flash fiction anthologies of its kind, “Baby Shoes” follows the literary tradition of its namesake — a 6-word tale by Ernest Hemingway reportedly written to win a bar bet. Join literary greats like Joe R. Lansdale, Linda Needham and Walter Jon Williams along with talents from every stage of literary career.”

Click here to purchase at AMAZON!

This is one for the shelves people! Don’t go on living without it! (That may be a bit dramatic, but still true!)

This is really an amazing anthology and project. 100 stories, quick and intriguing reads in all genres. How is that not something you want on your kindle?

Sitting in the loo? Need a quick read? – GET THIS!

Waiting for the doctor? Read all the magazines already? – GET THIS!

Want to read before going to bed? Just awake enough for something under a thousand words? – GET THIS!

Need to read something I wrote, because you’re just craving it so much? – GET THIS! My story, “Rubble” is in there too.

I can go on and on and on. The amount of stories in this anthology also goes on and on (in the best way!)

So don’t waste any more time. Support the writers of this world you call a home. Invest in some great stories!

Here’s the link again:

BABY SHOES: 100 Stories by 100 Authors.